Founded in early 2018, XTRA Gaming is an esports lifestyle organization that was made by gamers for gamers. With talent expanding from influencers, professional gamers and streamers, XTRA Gaming is emerging as one of the most successful up and coming organizations in the industry. From online tournaments, live tournaments and sponsored events, XTRA Gaming is full-service gaming and marketing agency that houses talent and facilitates endorsement and sponsorship opportunities. The management of our esports and talent professionals is our top priority while we offer the best possible experience for our supporters. The growth of our organization and talent is a testament of what we do at XTRA Gaming. Through our services, XTRA Gaming continues to innovate and develop the new wave of industry professionals while our esports athletes continue to do what they do best, win championships.


XTRA Sly Founder & CEO


XTRA was founded by Manny “Sly” Vieites (26), a University of Miami Law school graduate who has an emphasis in sports and entertainment law. He founded XTRA during his senior year at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and continued to bootstrap the team during law school. Before law school, Sly worked multiple jobs in the sports industry including pit stops at ESPN, the Las Vegas Aces and the Sacramento Kings. As he was simultaneously pursuing his journalism and PR degree, Sly became one of the youngest ESPN staff writers exclusively covering the Kings. With a strong understanding of marketing, social/digital media and business and with a network within the millions, Sly is poised to lead XTRA to becoming the next biggest esports entertainment giant.